What We Reclaim

We offer full, end-to-end international VAT recovery solutions, from expenses related to foreign and domestic business travel, shipping and A/P expenses, as well as specialised tax recovery services for the aviation, MICE and tour operator industries.

Our tailor-made services and industry-first technology are designed to dramatically maximise your foreign tax savings. When you add it all up, it soon becomes millions in unclaimed VAT refunds for your business. That’s why we fight for every dime.

Plane Coffee

18 736 cups of coffee could have paid for your company’s flights for a month.

Did you know you could claim for:

We save you up to 25% on domestic travel & entertainment spend.

Solutions we offer:
  • Onsite or fully automated data invoice image extractions
  • VAT Cloud™ data analysis for VAT potential
  • Manual compliance checks by domestic VAT experts
  • Compliant VAT reclaim input schedules matched to underlying source data
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Foreign Travel Entertainment Expenses 01 Foreign Travel Entertainment Expenses 02

Reclaimed VAT on 2301 conference trips could have been your deposit for that new office space.

Did you know you could claim for:
Client Meals

We reclaim on average 25% of your business travel expenses.

Solutions we offer:
  • Onsite, fully automated data and invoice image extractions
  • Full retrieval VAT Concierge™ service
  • VAT Cloud data analysis and automated retrieval
  • Analysis on employee expenses and trends to maximise VAT refunds
  • Up to date with industry developments and registration
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Supplier Invoices Test Tube Supplier Invoices 02 01

Reclaimed VAT on clinical testing could have taken your company from local to global.

Did you know you could claim for:
Clinical trials

Supplier invoices make up 61% of all VAT claimed.

Solutions we offer:
  • We contact the supplier directly and get your VAT back
  • Extensive knowledge on the reclaim of VAT on goods
  • In-depth knowledge on the claim procedure related to installation charges
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Import Vat 03 Import Vat 02

All the VAT on servers shipped this year could pay for your entire shipment next year.

Did you know you could claim for:
Data centres
Internet Servers

We can reclaim up to 90% of your shipping costs.

Solutions we offer:
  • Hassle-free import tax refunds
  • We work closely with you and your freight forwarder from beginning to end of the shipment to ensure a smooth recovery
  • We provide importer of record services to clear customs, first time with no delays
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Mineral Oil Tax 03 Mineral Oil Tax 02

16 refuels without Mineral Oil tax could pay for a brand new pilot for your business.

Did you know you could claim for:
Mineral Oil

VAT IT can recover up to 40% of your MOT expenses.

Solutions we offer:
  • We have built personal relationships with each customs office in relevant jurisdictions
  • VAT concierge service
  • We currently claim mineral oil tax from France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria Italy, Spain and Canada
  • We’ll assist you with your aviation tax management - ensuring full compliance
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Mice Tour Operations 03 Mice Tour Operations 02

The VAT on 5 business incentive trips could cover next year’s conference tickets.

Did you know you could claim for:
Incentive travel
Organised Tours

We recover between 15% and 25% of your expenses.

Solutions we offer:
  • Dedicated MICE specialists
  • VAT concierge service
  • Shared service centre with over 53 languages spoken
  • Total outsource solution
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