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Why choose VAT IT?

With experience in assisting over 8 000 companies from 107 countries to recover their VAT – we know what it takes to do the same for you.

We are on-site

Whether you choose to run your VAT reclaim through our automated software, VAT Cloud™, or through our on-site VAT Concierge™ service, you are guaranteed an efficient refund solution. With our global footprint, we’re always just around the corner.

We offer complete claim transparency

Our world-class, proprietary tax reclaim software allows us to give you 100% transparency when claiming your VAT back.

We provide real-time online reporting

VAT IT’s real-time online reporting system lets you keep track of the status of your claim at any point in time. You can track and trace it throughout its life cycle.

We save you time

Each country that offers a VAT refund system has different rules, regulations and deadlines, so claiming VAT back is a complex and time-consuming process. If you conduct business in a number of countries, this process becomes even more complex. VAT IT removes the hassle from the VAT refund process, so your company will not get bogged down in the paperwork. As tax refund specialists, we save you the time it would take to do it yourself. Instead, you can rest easy knowing your VAT claims will be handled by us as quickly and practically as possible.

We have the right resources

Apart from the different VAT rules that apply in different countries, VAT refunds need to be made in the home language of the country you are claiming from. For example, if you are based in the United States and want to claim foreign VAT back from Germany, you will need to fill out your claim form in German. We have a bank of tax experts who not only know the tax laws of each country, but also are native speakers of the country you are claiming from.

We are focused

Using us as your VAT reclaim specialists means you will have access to a full spectrum of legal and technical experts, who will ensure you get the most money back in the least amount of time.

Our fees

There are no upfront fees!

If you do not get a refund, we don’t charge. We only charge a percentage of your tax savings.

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For job opportunities please visit the careers section on our website