Meeting Escrow Partnership

VAT IT and Meeting Escrow have partnered to provide a service for Meeting Escrow’s clients to claim back VAT quickly and easily.

Meeting Escrow invoices are issued with VAT, which is claimable in full. VAT IT are able to request copies of invoices directly from Meeting Escrow. This means there is very little administrative burden on you. We’ll work together with Meeting Escrow to get that VAT claimed!

“Meeting Escrow are involved in the financial aspect of the MICE industry and obviously so are we. That’s why we’re the perfect fit. Two suppliers who can both genuinely assist businesses in the MICE industry to drive their companies forward.” – Dean Swift, Vice President Sales & Marketing, VAT IT USA

About Meeting Escrow

When you buy a house, you give the deposit to an attorney who holds it in escrow until the sale is completed. Similarly, Meeting Escrow provides a secure escrow solution which protects client advance deposits by holding funds in trust until the meeting or event starts.

Meeting Escrow is a trusted, independent provider of secure payment and escrow services for the Meetings industry.

Claim the VAT on your Meeting Escrow invoices

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