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At the very core of our business lies technology.

VAT IT is an innovative creator of breakthrough technology that streamlines indirect tax recovery. It would be a mistake to think of VAT IT as only a consultancy or service-based business. We are completely powered by our industry-first, leading software applications.

 Some have been developed and perfected over 17 years and some are in their infancy; but all of them help us achieve a dream of complete tax recovery automation. We have dedicated an immense amount of investment and resources to our tech workshop and our application development.

 It’s our technology that makes us unique, streamlined and trustworthy. No matter how big or small a client is, scalability is never a problem. Our clients can rest in peace knowing that we do everything in our power to ensure 100% compliancy and the most secure data protection.

“OCR technology mitigates the risk of human error, it can read data off invoice images and we can teach it all the many authority rules and regulations so that it never falters. It can also read and capture data 24 hours a day, seven days a week, meaning our clients get their refunds faster,” explains Adam Pantanowitz, Chief Technology Officer at VAT IT Group.

“What we’re developing here is by far the most advanced software systems in the entire VAT reclaim industry.”

– Hanel Oberholster, chief technology operations officer, VAT IT


VAT Cloud

Cutting-edge technology in the form of our industry-first VAT Cloud™ solution automatically connects your expense management system to the relevant tax portals, in accordance with EU Refund Directive VAT reclaim legislation.

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OCR technology

Optical character recognition (OCR) technology is a game-changing solution that lets the VAT IT system read and extract relevant data from a hard-copy or PDF invoice and transfer it directly into submission-ready claims.

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Report sites

Track your claims process from a high-level perspective right down to the finest level of invoice detail, with click-through technology that makes it simple to navigate the indirect tax recovery process.

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The firepower of VAT IT’s proprietary software, Dragon, makes it the most powerful invoicing program in the world. Dragon controls the entire process, from invoice capturing to client invoicing, working 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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Workflow Manager

Connecting VAT IT employees across the world and creating one large multinational network, Workflow Manager helps us maintain our industry-leading client service standards, while streamlining our operations and procedures.

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Data Protection

We use market-leading security software as our firewalls which means the gold standard of protection. We also host our servers at two different partners off site with temperature controlled, biometric controlled and by appointment only access. Our server centres are compliant to SOC2 and PCIDSS standards. All our communication and storage is encrypted meaning nothing leaves the building so you can rest easy at night.

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“We’ve created algorithms to figure out missing information – such as which category an expense belongs to or which country it originated in. The next step – which we’ve already made incredible progress on – is to teach the machine to find missing VAT opportunities based on data science bespoke to each client. For example, if there was an expense at the Hilton Hotel last year related to a big event that a client attended, then we want to determine why it is missing this year. We get feedback on this data so that we can save our clients even more.”

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