6 reasons why you should join our team:

Whether you’re in commerce, legal or engineering, a recent graduate or have been working in IT, if you’re interested in VAT IT, then we’re interested in hearing from you.

We offer you the opportunity to be innovative, challenged and rewarded in your career.
We’re always looking for dynamic, energetic and self-motivated individuals.
We are a results-driven meritocracy.
We believe in the combination of innovative thinking, teamwork and a sense of urgency.
We prioritise a “let’s do it” attitude, passion and communication skills over specific qualifications.
We believe that big ideas come from unexpected places; everyone has voice at VAT IT.

“A business is nothing without its people.”

“At the heart of VAT IT lies entrepreneurialism and innovation. A business is nothing without its people and every one of our people embody our values of: freedom, responsibility and revolution. We encourage the freedom to think and do; when you make people CEOs of their own lives, they create magic.”

Brendon Silver, CEO, VAT IT

Turn your job into a career

Meet some of the family

VAT IT is all about innovation and creation. It is a multinational company with a dynamic and entrepreneurial environment. Only the best are hired and they are given the freedom to grow and excel. VAT IT is about all this and more, and of course, being able to work with ambitious, bright and like-minded friends.

My role:
I oversee the operations of the business as a whole, which entails a lot of problem-solving and operational think-tanking to work out what are the best ways forward.

I studied a Bachelor of Accountancy at the University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg. I then completed my articles at PKF Inc, and qualified as a chartered accountant in 2009, finishing eighth in the country for the final Public Practice Examination.

When I’m not at my desk:
My first passion is paragliding. Nothing beats the solitude and freedom of being thousands of feet in the sky, powered by nothing but the winds. I love wildlife, falconry, diving, photography, and I also once did a game-ranger course.

VAT IT is a multifaceted place to work. We do so many things; it’s not just about tax recovery. We’re constantly breaking the boundaries to find new ways of helping businesses save money. I get to be at the forefront of any tech development around this, which is awesome.

My role:
I am part of the development operations team of which we have three primary focuses: the first being the cloud system infrastructure; the second being monitoring of our various apps; and lastly, overseeing the application’s deployment pipeline. Our team is responsible for making and maintaining the apps our clients use and ensuring we’re always ahead of the times and the best in the industry.

I studied a biomedical engineering degree at the University of Witwatersrand. I then I did an electrical engineering degree at the same university, and I completed my master’s degree in electrical engineering in 2015.

When I’m not at my desk:
My first passion is hiking and camping. Sometimes you just have to get away from a computer screen and go touch a tree or sip coffee you brewed off a fire to get some perspective.

VAT IT is home to me. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to be anywhere else in their careers. We reinvent ourselves all the time. The VAT IT I work at today is nothing like the VAT IT I started at. And that’s what keeps me coming back. Every day is exciting and new.

My role:
I am part of the recruitment team and we are responsible for finding the best talent available and getting mega-stars through the doors to start their careers.

I studied a BCom industrial psychology at the University of South Africa. Afterwards I worked in a recruitment agency but found VAT IT very shortly after that. I’m one of the oldest employees who works here, being here for over 11 years.

When I’m not at my desk:
My first passion is Pilates. I’m a licensed Pilates instructor and I just find that Pilates is an incredible exercise to just breathe, centre yourself and be strong from your core. I’m also a proud mom of my 4-year-old daughter. She breathes life into my days and I absolutely adore going home to her and seeing that smile.