One small decision transformed 42 businesses


Syngenta is a leading agriculture company helping improve global food security, enabling millions of farmers to make better use of available resources.

Syngenta’s Challenge:

Syngenta wanted to roll-out VAT recovery to all their international offices, but this was incredibly difficult to achieve, as their tax control departments are decentralised. That meant each office’s tax department was autonomously controlled and there was no central point of contact servicing their 42 offices worldwide.

VAT IT’s Solution:

By syncing VAT Cloud and the SAP Concur expense management system, VAT IT was able to view every single Syngenta entity’s VAT potential, pull the data and extract the invoice images into ready-to-go claims for refunds. Reports on VAT potential can be viewed on a group level and an entity level, and the VAT can now be identified and claimed at the touch of button. An entire global account can be managed and analysed all in one place.


Syngenta is now able to claim the VAT back for all their entities, which increased the group’s T&E VAT refunds from £20 370 in 2015 to £110 196 in 2016, and service all 42 entities through the SAP Concur integration with VAT Cloud.

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