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  • VAT can add 15% to 25% to all aviation-related expenses. In most cases, this is reclaimable if you are a commercial aircraft operator. The same goes for the often considerable Mineral Oil Tax charge levied on your jet fuel purchases. Add to this the hugely complex business of aviation tax compliance, and it’s clear you need the help of specialists.
  • VAT IT is a global leader in cross-border VAT and tax recovery. We maximise your tax recovery end to end through our industry-leading technology, ensuring full compliance.

    Our global operational resources enable us to serve over 8 000 clients in 100 countries worldwide. These range from small and medium-sized enterprises to large multinational corporations, across a wide range of sectors.

    By letting us do what we do best – tracking down and recovering the VAT you are owed – you can devote your time and resources to running and growing your business.
  • At the very core of our business lies technology.

    VAT IT is an innovative creator of breakthrough technology that streamlines indirect tax recovery. It would be a mistake to think of VAT IT as only a consultancy or service-based business. We are completely powered by our industry-first, leading software applications.

     Some have been developed and perfected over 17 years and some are in their infancy; but all of them help us achieve a dream of complete tax recovery automation. We have dedicated an immense amount of investment and resources to our tech workshop and our application development.

     It’s our technology that makes us unique, streamlined and trustworthy. No matter how big or small a client is, scalability is never a problem. Our clients can rest in peace knowing that we do everything in our power to ensure 100% compliancy and the most secure data protection.

    “OCR technology mitigates the risk of human error, it can read data off invoice images and we can teach it all the many authority rules and regulations so that it never falters. It can also read and capture data 24 hours a day, seven days a week, meaning our clients get their refunds faster,” explains Adam Pantanowitz, Chief Technology Officer at VAT IT Group.
  • VAT IT offers a full, end-to-end VAT recovery solution for expenses related to business travel, import tax and fuel, as well as specialised recovery services for the MICE, telecommunications, commercial aviation and tour operator industries.

    VAT IT also provides specialised services and products that dramatically increase your reclaim opportunities. Our VAT Concierge™ service is dedicated to obtaining original supplier invoices when only copies are available, and to reformatting and reissuing invoices when required; our Discovery team reviews accounts with key suppliers and retrieves missing invoices; and our processing centre assesses every invoice to ensure VAT was charged correctly.

    And with VAT IT’s industry-leading technology – including our world-first VAT Cloud – you can be assured of maximum indirect tax recovery and minimal effort.
  • VAT can be reclaimed on employee expenses and their travel throughout Europe, Canada, Australia, South Korea, New Zealand and Taiwan. However, the qualifying laws and application procedures required are elaborate and vary from region to region. It is time-consuming to submit applications to the relevant tax authorities, and often language barriers make this even more difficult. Add to this the fact that, in order to get the full tax rebate benefit, companies need to devote significant time, money and human capital, and it’s clear you need the help of specialists.
  • Large amounts of VAT are incurred on foreign supplier invoices where VAT is charged due to the nature of the supply being incurred or where the VAT is incorrectly charged. VAT IT has spent years researching and understanding the categories of supplies that incur this type of VAT.
  • Whether you are in telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, mining or manufacturing – if your company has shipped equipment DDP* to foreign countries, you have been incurring significant foreign tax charges. This can include import tax, tax on foreign purchase of equipment, and tax on colocation* costs. Fortunately, VAT IT specialises in the recovery of all of these taxes.

    * See FAQs below.
  • If your company is involved in the organisation of meetings, incentive travel, conferences or exhibitions/events (MICE), and you provide services to business clients in countries other than your own, you are eligible to claim the VAT charged by your foreign suppliers. When you engage directly with these suppliers on behalf of your clients, it is likely they will include local VAT charges on their invoices. Fortunately – providing you have invoiced your client for services provided – your company can claim this VAT back via the appropriate refund mechanism.
  • The VAT and sales taxes incurred on the purchase of various travel components, including hotels and car rental – which are then sold by tour operators to foreign travellers – are refundable in certain EU countries.

    This may come as a surprise to many tour operators in the business of selling international travel packages, who may assume they are governed by the Tour Operator Margin Scheme (TOMS), and therefore are not entitled to input VAT refunds. This is not always the case. There are numerous exceptions to TOMS, depending on the country of travel and the parties to the transaction through which the travel components were purchased and resold.
  • VATGlobal is a multinational VAT specialist firm and the industry leader in outsourced tax management solutions.

    We understand that your business demands the highest levels of professional service when dealing with complex cross-border VAT compliance issues.

    Drawing on an infrastructure of 27 offices worldwide and over 250 multilingual employees, we service in excess of 8 000 clients around the globe. Combining our knowledge, resources and extensive experience in the VAT industry means VAT Global is able to offer the most comprehensive outsourced VAT solution around.

    Our core service relates to the management of foreign VAT registrations and associated compliance issues – all offered through a "one-stop shop" service.
  • VATGlobal’s one-stop solution is delivered by a brilliant team of international VAT experts, led by consultants who make it their job to understand the intricacies of your business.
  • Compliance and tax-related issues surrounding international DDP shipments of equipment are extremely challenging. The expertise required is usually cost prohibitive for forwarders and equipment vendors to have in-house.

    TecEx integrates the critical components of a successful international DDP shipment into an offering that is an industry first. Our three key products will ensure hassle-free, customs-compliant and tax-efficient shipments to all international destinations. Powered by VAT IT, TecEx is represented by wholly owned branch offices in 27 destinations worldwide.
  • TecEx integrates the critical components of a successful international DDP shipment into an offering that is
    an industry first.

    TecEx In-house is a customisable outsourced logistics service that provides a turnkey solution for all international DDP shipping requirements. Your TecEx In-house logistics team will complement your core business and seamlessly provide customs-compliant, hassle-free international DDP shipping at a fraction
    of the cost.
  • TecEx’s specialist data centre logistics service will allow your company to ship network equipment (servers, routers, network switches, etc) hassle-free and tax efficiently, delivered duty paid (DDP) into any data centre around the world. With our unique positioning as an indirect Cisco Channel Partner, and strategic partnerships with colocation providers such as Telecity data centres, we are able to provide innovative supply chain solutions for all data centre logistics requirements.
  • Grants and incentives are managed by various government departments and are aligned with the national governments’ policies and relevant action plans.

    Programmes are in the form of cash grants, tax incentives or subsidised financing mechanisms. These grants and incentives offer extraordinary financial opportunities through co-funding business expenditure, ultimately leading you on the path to achieving your strategic growth objectives.
  • A number of incentives are available to help you maximise the return on investment in R&D. These incentives are not necessarily mutually exclusive. We will work with you to identify which incentive is the most appropriate for your unique situation.
  • Various governments from around the world provide different forms of funding to assist manufacturing, mining and engineering concerns. These incentives can range from cash grants to tax incentives and are there to assist and enhance companies, create jobs and essentially contribute in a positive way to the country’s economy.
  • Cut through the clutter and recover up to 35% of tax charged on foreign dividends with VAT IT’s dedicated Dividends Withholding division.
  • Cutting-edge technology in the form of our industry-first VAT Cloud™ solution automatically connects your expense management system to the relevant tax portals, in accordance with EU Refund Directive VAT reclaim legislation.
  • We are very proud of the fact that we have organically unlocked the treasure chest of OCR technology. We built our own OCR technology from scratch in house and using computer vision we are able to process thousands of invoices per day. Computer vision reads and captures the information straight off the image and inputs it into our claims processing software. We believe no other company in the industry is capable of doing this at the scale that we can. And this is just the beginning.
  • Track your claims process from a high level perspective right down to the finest level of invoice detail, with click-through technology that makes it simple to navigate the indirect tax recovery process.
  • The firepower of all VAT IT’s proprietary software, Dragon is the most powerful invoice processing program in the world. It controls the entire process, from invoice capturing to client invoicing, working 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Connecting VAT IT employees across the world and creating one large multinational network, Workflow Manager helps us maintain our industry-leading client service standards, while streamlining our operations and procedures.
  • Companies can save up to 25% of their travel and entertainment spend by recovering VAT incurred through both domestic and foreign VAT registrations.
  • Mineral Oil Tax (MOT) is an excise duty levied on the purchase of fuel. Though it can be a significant surcharge to the base fuel cost, it is reclaimable by commercial aviation operators in foreign countries due to fuel tax exemptions that exist and other criteria.

    Not all countries charge MOT to foreign aircraft, but in reclaiming from those that do (France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Italy, among others) there are specific rules that need to be followed and documentation that is required.

    MOT is an extremely complex and often misunderstood tax – which is why we at VAT IT guarantee a recovery process that is hassle-free for our clients.
  • VAT IT has partnered with various organisations around the world including travel management companies, software providers, hotel groups, telecom services, exhibitions and event organisers, associations, financial institutions and online platforms.

    Our partnership programme has three internally developed business models which ensure that mutually beneficial synergies are created. The Groups strategic partnership director looks after the programme for our Referral, Supplier and Technology Partners.
  • VAT IT has joined forces with Mastercard to offer automated VAT Recovery on all credit card transactions. Powered by VAT IT, the VAT CLoud™ seamlessly integrates with issuing bank data to allow analysis and recovery of Value Added Tax embedded in credit card data.
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  • VAT IT proudly works in partnership with Xpenditure, a global leader in expense management software, to offer automated VAT Recovery on all Xpenditure’s expense data.

    Powered by VAT IT, the VAT CLOUD™ seamlessly integrates with Xpenditure’s data to allow analysis and recovery of Value Added Tax embedded in the expense data.
  • VAT IT is a leading indirect tax recovery specialist, with 26 wholly owned offices spread throughout Europe, the United States, Asia, Africa and Australia. Through our global network, VAT IT services over 8,000 clients in 107 countries. VAT IT has been involved in the cross-border indirect tax industry for over 15 years and has evolved into a leading global provider of foreign withholding tax recovery services.

    A holder of foreign investment instruments is subject to withholding taxes of up to 35% on the income arising from these foreign investments. The withholding tax amount is fully/partially recoverable through complex double taxation treaties, legal procedures and domestic exemptions.

    VAT IT has a team of highly qualified experts who are completely dedicated to successfully reclaiming foreign withholding taxes on behalf of our clients. This team specialises in understanding every aspect of the claiming process and working with all parties involved; including custodian banks, administrators and local and foreign tax authorities, to ensure that every potential refund is realised.
  • VAT IT proudly works in partnership with Concur, the global leader in expense management software, to offer automated VAT Recovery on all Concur expense data. 

    Powered by VAT IT, the VAT CLOUD™ seamlessly integrates with Concur’s data to allow analysis and recovery of Value Added Tax embedded in the expense data.

    Concur is a cloud-based expense management service that updates and upgrades automatically. On the web, on a smartphone or on a tablet, they provide a complete suite of tools for your business and your employees. They are leaders in their field saving clients time from creating cumbersome expense reports.
  • VAT IT and ICBC’s partnership aims to offer all ICBC corporate credit card users easy and affordable access to streamlined VAT recovery.

    ICBC is the largest listed bank in the world, possessing an excellent customer base, a diversified business structure, strong innovation capabilities and market competitiveness and providing comprehensive financial products and services to 5,320 thousand corporate customers and 496 million personal customers. They are the absolute leaders in their field.
  • Thank you for taking the time to send VAT IT a referral. We appreciate you commitment in making this partnership a great success!
  • VAT IT is looking for the very best young entrepreneurs. The risk associated with starting your own business is immense and often deters talented entrepreneurs. VAT IT has a proven model of opening successful, profitable offices around the globe. What we need is exceptional individuals to join our team. We will empower them with the necessary training, support and resources to start, grow and run a large profitable business in which they are a partner.
  • VAT IT and Euromoney Learning Solutions have partnered to provide a service for Euromoney Learning Solutions clients to claim back VAT quickly and easily.

    Euromoney Learning Solutions invoices are issued with VAT, which is claimable in full. VAT IT are able to request copies of invoices directly from Euromoney Learning Solutions. This means there is very little administrative burden on you. We’ll work together with Euromoney Learning Solutions to get that VAT claimed!
  • The VAT IT Group is delighted to announce that in April 2017, we acquired Meridian VAT Reclaim from Meridian Global Services. The two VAT recovery giants will operate independently under the holding Company VAT IT Group S.R.L. 

    This significant deal brings together the power and potential of the two largest VAT recovery specialists on the planet. Drawing on resources, knowledge and technology from both companies, the group now has the largest global footprint in the industry with 45 offices worldwide, servicing tens of thousands of clients in over 110 countries in 53 languages, while still maintaining one central contact point. 

    Meridian VAT Reclaim will maintain its independence. No changes will be made to contractual agreements and clients can expect the same dedicated service from the same dedicated team, and so much more.

    Supported by a central cutting-edge technology development hub and a shared service centre, VAT IT and Meridian VAT Reclaim will continue to service their respective clients to the very best standards that have come to be expected of these two great companies.
  • About the Refund Opportunity 

    The Russian Federation has been elected to host the FIFA Confederations Cup 2017 and FIFA World Cup 2018. Various entities have been incurring costs in Russia relating to these events, and will continue to do so in the future. The Russian Government has introduced a refund opportunitof VAT paid by FIFA and its subsidiaries, marketing partners, national football associations and other related entities (Resolution of August 3, 2015 No. 784). VAT IT is able to assist in the complex process of obtaining this VAT refund. 

    The following entities qualify for the refund opportunity:
    • FIFA and its subsidiaries
    •Organizing Committee “Russia-2018” and its subsidiaries
    • National Football Associations
    • Russian Football Union
    • FIFA Media Information Providers
    • Suppliers of goods, works and services to FIFA
  • Imagine an application that could analyse your data to find missing VAT based on its own learnt historical data knowledge. This is within reach and one of our focuses at the moment. Machine learning such as this will ensure that not a cent is left behind and mitigates any risk of human error or miseducation.
  • We know how important it is to you to make sure your company’s data remains secure and not at risk. That’s why we hold security and compliance in the highest regard and throw as much resources into that we can so that you can rest easy at night knowing your data is safe with us.
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