Compliance and Registration

VATGlobal is a multinational VAT specialist firm and the industry leader in outsourced tax management solutions.

We understand that your business demands the highest levels of professional service when dealing with complex cross-border VAT compliance issues.

Drawing on an infrastructure of 27 offices worldwide and over 250 multilingual employees, we service in excess of 8 000 clients around the globe. Combining our knowledge, resources and extensive experience in the VAT industry means VAT Global is able to offer the most comprehensive outsourced VAT solution around.

Our core service relates to the management of foreign VAT registrations and associated compliance issues – all offered through a "one-stop shop" service.

VATGlobal has 27 offices worldwide,
with over 250 multilingual employees.


VATGlobal’s one-stop solution is delivered by a brilliant team of international VAT experts, led by consultants who make it their job to understand the intricacies of your business.

You can leverage the experience of this team at any time to provide you with international VAT advice through one point of contact, who will speak to you in practical terms.

  • Assistance with routine compliance issues through to complex VAT advice
  • Practical support delivered in your local language
  • VAT audit management
  • Online VAT Services: Navigating the complex world of online VAT

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Where you have an established business, it is likely that you have registered for VAT, but it may also be necessary to obtain non-resident VAT registrations in additional countries where you are trading.

Depending on specific circumstances and different countries’ legislation, companies that supply taxable goods and/or services in countries where they are not established will often be required to register for VAT. This is especially the case with online sales. 

Some jurisdictions have set out thresholds depending on turnover or other transaction-specific criteria, but once the mandated threshold is exceeded VAT registration becomes mandatory.

Other countries have no thresholds for VAT registration – a single taxable supply made in the country will trigger an obligation to register for VAT purposes.

Failure to register for your VAT obligations means your company will be operating outside of the law, resulting in non-compliance and significant business risks.

Applying for a VAT number in a foreign territory can be a complex and time-consuming task. VATGlobal offers a complete outsourced solution – our VAT specialist will manage the entire process, from collecting the relevant documents, to filling in the necessary paperwork and liaising directly with the fiscal authorities. 

For assistance with applying for a VAT registration, contact VATGlobal today.

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