Secure Government Incentives for your Investments

Claim Government Incentives for your CAPEX and R&D expenses

German companies qualify for a variety of Government incentives. In order to secure those, it is necessary to submit an application to the relevant funding agency. You can maximize your chances to obtain public funding by identifying the right subsidy for your investments and optimizing the content of your application.

VATit takes care of the whole application process on your behalf, letting you focus on your business.

Subsidy opportunities for CAPEX and R&D projects

Our service offering focuses on the claim of Government incentives for R&D and CAPEX projects. We are increasingly managing applications to the GRW programme (Gemeinschaftsaufgabe "Verbesserung der regionalen Wirtschaftsstruktur") that aims to support business investments in buildings, machinery and other fixed assets. This programme is offered only in selected German districts (Landkreise) and cities (e.g. Berlin).

Most of the time, qualifying expenditures for R&D funding include: personnel costs, material costs, amortization of assets used in relation to supported R&D activities, (sub)contracted research costs, as well as overhead costs. With regards to CAPEX incentives, the Government aims to support strategic investments such as the extension of a production facility, or the remodelling of a production line, especially if this includes the creation of additional jobs.

Our approach and process

We work with clients to draft the funding application and provide robust support all the way through the allocation of the funds and subsequent reporting to granting authorities. A typical engagement will include the following steps:

  • Determining the incentives applicable to specific investments you are planning
  •  Preparing all necessary documentation to maximize the chances of success
  • Following up with funding authorities before and after the incentive has been allocated
  • Requesting grant drawdowns and reporting to the funding agency

We're only successful when you are

We work on a success base, which means that we will only charge our fee once the incentives have been allocated to you. No funding=no fee to pay.

We look forward to advising you on your specific investment - your contact in Germany:

Stéphane Bertin Hoffmann, LL.M – Director Grants and Incentives

Tel: +49 30 2241 2948  


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