Euromoney Learning Solutions Partnership

VAT IT and Euromoney Learning Solutions have partnered to provide a service for Euromoney Learning Solutions clients to claim back VAT quickly and easily.

Euromoney Learning Solutions invoices are issued with VAT, which is claimable in full. VAT IT are able to request copies of invoices directly from Euromoney Learning Solutions. This means there is very little administrative burden on you. We’ll work together with Euromoney Learning Solutions to get that VAT claimed!

Best of all, we only charge a success based fee – If you get no refund, we get no fee.

In order to proceed, simply fill in the form below and a VAT IT representative will contact you within 24 hours to discuss the claim and answer your questions.

Fully Automated, Cloud-Based Retrieval

VAT IT’s industry-first VAT Cloud™ automatically connects an issuing bank’s corporate Euromoney Learning Solutions credit card data (with the necessary client authorisation) directly to the tax office. It’s the world’s most technologically advanced software application for VAT recovery and compliance.

We are proud to be working with Euromoney Learning Solutions who are pioneers in their field and we believe that this collaboration will help thousands of businesses worldwide benefit from massive tax savings.

Claim the VAT on your Euromoney Learning Solutions invoices