VAT IT has partnered with Convolus to assist European Aviation companies. The partnership combines VAT IT’s expertise with a simpler transfer of relevant invoices through Convolus’ systems, effectively reducing back-office workload for the Convolus's Members.

VAT can add 15%-25% to all aviation-related expenses, while MOT usually attracts a much higher percentage. In most cases however, this expense is reclaimable for private air charter commercial operators.

“Partnering with Convolus highlights our commitment to increasing our reach in the business aviation segment, an area that we are particularly experienced in. We are delighted to offer our services to Convolus Members who will benefit from our aviation expertise and global footprint, at preferred pricing considering the growing number of aircraft part of Convolus” adds James Wigginton, Sales Director, VAT IT UK.

About Convolus:

Convolus is the only operator-independent Buying Club for Business Aviation operators, with 140+ aircraft Members across Europe, focusing on the needs of the Group and maintaining full confidentiality between every Member. Its unique software-empowered approach helps to scale the principle through its digital platform by surfacing ideal buying options, generating personalised savings reports, digitalising invoices for spend analysis, and more.

Convolus provides operators with independent advice and the best value purchasing deals on costs they incur on a current basis, without interrupting daily operations. An equal focus is put on assisting suppliers to better target the fragmented operator landscape.

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Last updated: 2019-03-22
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