Computer Vision

We are very proud of the fact that we have organically unlocked the treasure chest of OCR technology. We built our own OCR technology from scratch in house and using computer vision we are able to process thousands of invoices per day. Computer vision reads and captures the information straight off the image and inputs it into our claims processing software. We believe no other company in the industry is capable of doing this at the scale that we can. And this is just the beginning.

Early optical character recognition technology can be traced as far back as 1914,
to technologies involving telegraphy and creating reading devices for the blind.

Speed read

It is our OCR technology, along with the VAT Cloud, that truly sets VAT IT apart as a company. Together, they ensure the VAT recovery solution we provide is both seamless and fully automated. Optical character recognition (OCR) allows us to cleanse raw data by extracting exact data fields from source documents. It also allows us to greatly enhance the speed of document processing and reduce human error.

Optical Character Recognition

OCR technology allows our systems to read and extract relevant data from a hard copy or pdf invoice and transfer directly into submission-ready claims to be sent to the various VAT authorities.

Machine learning

OCR and its accompanying software learns on the job. Once it encounters a certain type of invoice, OCR remembers it, and in future is able to identify that type of invoice faster and extract its data with complete accuracy. It also learns to fill in missing information on its own.