Click n’ Claim: VAT recovery at the click of a button

Thousands in Savings is just a click away

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VAT Cloud and SAP Concur are a match made in heaven. A partnership that streamlines and automates your VAT recovery. We offer a smooth click-through integration that allows clients to simply sign on via the Concur app centre. For SAP Concur-using companies, VAT reclaim has never been easier. Here’s why:

What our Click n’ Claim integration means for you:

No cumbersome paperwork to complete in order to sign on for our service

No complicated processes to activate us as a partner

A faster connection means faster refunds.

A streamlined, automated integration that pays you money

A real-time VAT analysis at the touch of a button

Get connected now

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How It works: 

VAT refunds are just a click away on the Concur App centre. Simply go to the VAT Cloud page and click connect. It’s that simple.

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