SAP Concur Fusion Exchange Tokyo

4 September 2019
Vat News Tokyo

Free Yourself

We are so excited to visit SAP Concur Fusion Exchange in Tokyo on 10 September 2019. Meridian VAT Reclaim (VAT IT) is an important partner and we’ll be demonstrating how our integration with Concur Expense and Invoice free you from administrative burden and the fear of missing out on VAT reclaims.

An Important Gathering

SAP Concur Fusion Exchange is an exciting event for finance, AP and travel professionals. It’s for both existing clients and companies not yet using SAP Concur software, but which are looking for insight into trends and developments around travel, expense and invoice management. The event allows you to network with other SAP Concur clients, preferred partners, and industry experts to learn about the latest from SAP Concur and its partners.

A Match Made in Heaven

VAT Cloud 2.0™ connects to Concur Expense and Invoice to extract expense data and scanned invoice images at a lightning fast pace! Data and invoices are checked for compliancy and the invoices are packaged into claims for submission to the JCT authorities. The best part: this simple, automated process helps you pay for SAP Concur implementation.

Venue: Grand Hyatt Tokyo, 6-10-3 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0032, Japan

Date: 10 September 2019

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