SAP Concur & VAT IT: A Year in Retrospective

Colby Kennedy - December 2018
Year With Concur

2018 will be a year to remember in the SAP Concur VAT IT partnership. The two companies took their symbiotic relationship to the next level with integrations, mutual events, global launches, and even awards.

One of the biggest advancements in 2018 was the advent of Click ‘n Claim, a one-click authorization for the VAT CLOUD app on the SAP Concur App Center. This allows SAP Concur clients to fully integrate their Concur data with VAT CLOUD at the click of a button, eliminating cumbersome paperwork and making VAT recovery simple.

In August of this year VAT CLOUD’s integration with Concur Expense was launched on the SAP Concur App Center in China. The move has been incredibly beneficial for multinational organizations and SMEs across China who incur travel & entertainment expenses in Europe, Japan and Australia. VAT IT has branches in Shanghai & Beijing and can now better assist hundreds of SAP Concur clients recover VAT. However, 2018 was not only about technology advances & integrations.

VAT IT was recognized by SAP Concur twice for its outstanding partnership. In March the company received the SAP Concur App Center Partner of the Year Award in Seattle & then in May VAT IT’s India branch won the Most Promising Partner of the Year Award.

The events calendar has also kept the partnership busy with SAP Concur sponsored events like Fusion Exchange, Lunch ‘n Learn, Ignite and webinars. This year VAT IT attended over eight Fusion Exchanges all around the globe.

Speaking from VAT IT’s Chicago branch, VAT IT Director of Global Partnerships Ben Finkel said that 2018 has been a landmark year for the partnership. “Our partnership with SAP Concur has always been dynamic, but this is the first year we’ve seen how much of a difference for clients our relationship can truly make,” Finkel said. “As exciting as where our partnership has gone and where it is today, we’re even more excited about where it’s going in 2019.”

To connect your concur expense with VAT Cloud, click here.

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