We use the same tech that built Google, meaning no amount of data is too big for us.

How We Do It

Our technology and innovation are at the heart of everything we do, and our Click ’n Claim, automated, streamlined technology is designed with a sole purpose – to save your business money.

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We have the capability to pull millions of expense entries and invoice images per hour.

Online reporting in real-time, from high-level overviews to the smallest of details.
Our OCR technology reads data directly off invoice images.
Our Click ’n Claim integration with SAP Concur makes VAT recovery the easiest it has ever been.

What VAT Cloud does for your business:

Easy sign-on process. Just Click ’n Claim.
Streamlines the entire VAT reclaim process from end to end.
Analyses your expense data and calculates the precise VAT refund potential in real-time.
Maximises your VAT refund yield and eliminates sunken costs and resources.
Reports on submissions and VAT refunds achieved on claimable expenses in real-time.
Gives you a holistic overview of your expense data by country and category.
Reveals employee non-compliance patterns that help maximise VAT refunds.
Shows your world of VAT reclaim in one online home that’s easy to use.

Our partnerships are everything

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Partner with the VAT IT family

We’ve partnered with various organisations around the world.

including expense management companies,
software providers,
hotel groups,
event organisers,
financial institutions.

Six reasons partnering with us will help your clients:

You will recover a significant cost for them, up to 25% in the EU and various other global destinations.
You will understand their cross-border VAT obligations upfront.
You will provide them with VAT compliance solutions.
You will provide them with a VAT-neutral service.
You will offer your clients a hassle-free professional service with a dedicated account manager.
You will leverage off our global presence of 40 branches.